Business Planning

If you're here, you are probably trying to start a new business, launch a new career, or get re-organized in your current one. We ask these questions to help our friends get their marketing right and to choose our pro-bono candidates.

We have to ask many questions in order to give you exactly the right services for your business, organization, or cause. So please fill in all the blanks. Thanks!

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Name *
Describe your business in one sentence.
What problem do your customers have that your business solves?
What is your product and how does it solve your customer’s problem?
Describe your ideal customer and how many of them there are (try Googling it)?
Who has a product like yours that solves a similar or the same problem? (also list their website)
What sets you apart from your competition?
Where will you sell your product/service? (We help with this, but we want to know your thoughts.)
How will you reach your customer? (We help with this.)
How will you make money?
What will your major expenses be?
What are your goals for the first year, second year, third year?
What do you need to do/get to make this business a reality?
Who is on your team and what do they do?
Key resources you need to run your business.